Watch Manila

Dear Fellow Watch Enthusiasts,

I formally established Watch Manila on April 25, 2020, right at the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19). I have been planning to work on this passion of mine for a few years prior to the pandemic but the demands of being a lawyer did not give me the adequate time for this. During the first hard lockdown, I realized that we should not be consumed by negative thoughts and energy. Instead, we should continue appreciating the beautiful and the good things in life. This is why I decided to devote and carve some time for Watch Manila. To my eyes, watches are truly beautiful and are works of art. Whenever I’m appreciating watches, good energy flows inside of me.

Ever since I was young, I have been a student of horology. I still am. The reason why I gravitated toward watches is because of my appreciation for time. The best way to remind a person of time is through a watch. Time is one of the few things money cannot buy. There is a time for work, time for rest, time for family, and time for everything. In all those moments, the only thing constant is that time is important and can never be recovered once it passes by.

The pandemic has reminded all of us again about the importance of time. Healthy today, gone tomorrow. That is how fragile our lives can be. The best thing to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is the increased appreciation of everyone for devoting time to the important people and things in our lives.

Watch Manila gained recognition for the identification of the watches of business tycoons. I decided to focus on these people as I believe that their choice of watches were conscious choices. Most (or all) of them did not simply stumble into a store and bought the shiniest one. The watches they wear constantly remind them that as business tycoons, they are given greater responsibilities in the sense that their decisions may impact thousands of lives.

As I end, I hope I can make people appreciate and value time even more through the beautiful watches featured in Watch Manila.

Today only happens once. Tomorrow will be a different day. What happens today can never be redone. So let’s make every moment worth it.

I hope that you continue to join me watch the watches here at Watch Manila.

God bless to everyone!

Atty. Siegfrid S. Suarez

Founder, Watch Manila