A Professional and his Watch: Marion Teruel, Doctor

A Professional and his Watch is a section where Watch Manila features individuals in certain specific fields and their watches which help them in their specific fields of work.

Dr. Marion Teruel is a pediatrician for a government hospital. Instead of holding clinic in a private institution like his other peers, Dr. Teruel chose to serve the public and the needy. According to him, he finds a tremendous sense of fulfillment in helping those who really need medical assistance but are unable to afford the adequate care.

Dr. Teruel has been collecting watches for a long time already.

The watch which gets a lot of wrist time is his Rolex Submariner.

According to Dr. Teruel, having a reliable timepiece is critical in his work as it helps him craft a proper medical management plan for each of his patients. He also relies on his Rolex Submariner to give him accurate measurements of vital signs and respiratory rates. Finally, being a doctor requires that you’re on top of things 24/7. His watch ensures that he can always monitor his patients at the correct intervals and administer medicines during the proper schedules.

Thank you for the service, Dr. Teruel.